Azeron Cyborg
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Cyborg Gaming Keypad - Versatile Keyboard Replacement

  • Next-gen adjustability and ergonomics
  • Available for lefties and righties (does not impact special edition keypads)
  • 29 mappable keys
  • Omron switches
  • Customizable visual design
  • 360 thumbstick movement
  • Move with the thumbstick (analog, WASD), aim with your mouse
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Customer Reviews
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Steven Bastian
Very well packed, designed, and extremely customizeable. READ THE MANUALS!!!
5 months ago
Scott & Inna
I really love so much about this, going from controller to this has been a breeze. Wish I switched sooner.
6 months ago
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Tetsuya Saito
The Cyborg was everything I wanted/expected! My only regret is not seeing that they have an official website where you can customize the colors more (as well as offering a more compact version). Would definitely recommend
1 year ago
Amazing quality, customer service, shipping! Just got it set up yesterday and I absolutely love this thing. The Azeron software makes setting up your keybinds very easy. Feels amazing in my hand once i got the adjustments set. The quality is far supe ...
1 year ago
Keyboard replacementSwitch to the Azeron gaming keypad for quicker commands, keep your mouse for aiming.
Smooth transitionThe Azeron keypad's real thumbstick significantly eases the shift from console to PC gaming.
Analog thumbstickMove using your thumb in either WASD or full 360-degree mode.
Lifting towersButton towers can be tilted up so you don’t have to reach for any buttons, they are right at your fingertips.No matter if you like palm grip or claw grip when you are gaming, with possibility to tilt up the towers you can game the way you like it.
Tilting towersButton towers can be tilted sideways so they can be aligned perfectly with your fingers.
Thumbstick positionThumbstick module can be adjusted for the position you are most comfortable with.Thumbstick position can be lifted higher or lower or tilted in a slight angle.
Top buttonsThe position of the top buttons can be adjusted to get minimum travel distance from your fingers to the skill you need RIGHT NOW!
Tower angleAdjust the distance between your fingers so you don't have to look for the buttons, they are right where they should be.
Tower distanceAdjust how far you want each button tower to match your hand perfectly.
MAP KEYS IN A FEW CLICKSAzeron's key layout is designed for comfortable, extended gaming sessions, minimizing finger travel. You can easily map keys, shortcuts, macros, and save your control schemes using the user-friendly Azeron Software.
3D PrintedWhy 3D printed?
It allows us to freely listen to your feedback and constantly improve the keypad design and make custom designs.
It enables us to create a keypad version for left-handed gamers and to make adjustments for people with disabilities.
99% RECYCLABLE PACKAGINGAt Azeron, we believe that even small actions can make a big impact on our world. That's why we're proud to use packaging made from 99% recyclable materials for all of our products. By choosing to prioritize sustainability in our packaging, we're doing our part to create a brighter, more environmentally-conscious future for everyone.
What’s in the box
Azeron Cyborg
Azeron Screwdriver for adjustments
2 thumbstick replacement caps
Restrictor ring
Spare screws (including one for the little tower)
USB cable
Quick Guide
Additional palmrest(If ordered)
In ShortIntroducing Cyborg, the cutting-edge, 3D-printed Azeron gaming keypad with a real analog thumbstick, designed to provide gamers with unmatched adjustability and comfort.After getting used to this beast, you’ll never look back. Crush anyone with simple finger flicks!