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Azeron Classic
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PositionAzeron in the left hand
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Brock Hughes
Best keyboard I've ever gamed on!
I love this keyboard, solid build, can't imagine using a regular keyboard again!
1 month ago
Great product with some caveats
Ordered the purple and black, recieved a all black model. Didn't really care to much because it came almost a week before the estimated delivery date.
Pros - The product is very easy to setup and program. Takes time to get use to but once you get comf ...
1 month ago
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Robert Hess
So for 3D printed parts, this is really good quality. Buttons can be finely pressed.
Installation very fast. Only really bad that the price is so high. /GER->ENG/
16 days ago
I've been playing a ton of World of Warcraft in this COVID-19 pandemic. I decided to attempt to increase my performance via a keypad.
I have tried both this Azeron Classic / 3D printed Keypad and a Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad. I discovered that t ...
1 month ago
How it's madeWe spend many hours for each keypad to solder, assemble and test it. There are 113 soldering points, 104 parts and 112 screws in each Classic keypad!
SAVE LOADS OF GAME PROFILESWith the Azeron Software, easily program your keybinds on the 2 onboard profiles and store unlimited profiles on your PC. Change the analog stick to analog input or WASD, adjust deadzones, angle, sensitivity and more!
3D PrintedWhy 3D printed? It allows us to freely listen to your feedback and constantly improve the keypad design and make custom designs. It enables us to create a keypad version for left-handed gamers and make adjustments for disabilities.
Hand AssembledWe spend many hours for each keypad to solder it, assemble it and test it. There are 113 soldering points, 104 parts and 112 screws in each Classic keypad!
omron switchesSince February 2020 we are using Omron switches in our keypads. They are tested for 10 million keypress lifespan. The 4 horizontal pad buttons takes 40 gramforce to press them, all other pad buttons takes 20 gramforce to press.
ergonomic wrist padNaturally contoured design follows the natural shape of your hand for increased comfort during long gaming sessions. Available in Curved and Flat versions. The Curved version offers a more organic feeling, but your hand is locked in one position due to the curved shape, while the Flat version allows you to angle your hand in any way, but doesn't offer that organic shape.
analog thumbstickCan be used as WASD on analog stick or as 360° movement for games that support it. Adjust your preferred angle, deadzones and sensitivity. Easy to use calibration tool. Has mid-click too.
Switch between 2 favorite profilesToggle button to switch between 2 profiles, which can be stored on the device. You can use the keypad as standalone device without need to constantly run the software in the background.
Adjustable key towersEach button tower and analog stick module is highly adjustable (angle and distance) to each of your finger. Also possible to choose between Medium and Large size to fit loooong fingers. The medium option is most comfortable for 16cm - 20cm hands, while the large option is best for 20+cm hands.
26 programmable keysCan be setup as keyboard buttons, as controller buttons, as Macro, or as mouse buttons. Each button is connected to an individual input, there are no connection matrices.
What’s in the box
Azeron Keypad
Set of 5 different thumbstick replacements
Screwdriver for adjustments
Quick Guide
Additional palmrest(If ordered)
Features in details
Teensy++ 2.0 BrainThe Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, in a very small footprint. You can even develop a program for it yourself if you know programming.
in short
Keyboards are physically engineered for typing, not for gaming. Tying up 3 fingers for WASD movement and making it difficult to hit other keys while trying to move in the same time. This is especially hard for games with a lot of keybinds.
Azeron keypad is a 3D printed gaming device that will replace your keyboard for gaming.