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Azeron Cyborg
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Introducing Cyborg - the next-generation Azeron keypad that raises the bar in gaming with unparalleled adjustability and exceptional comfort. The beast boasts even deeper adjustability which lets you play with unrivaled comfort. Redesigned 24 or 29 programmable key layout with 10 million clicks lifespan, advanced 360 thumbstick module (2 possible versions) for unrivaled comfort. Upgrade with this beast and enjoy your favorite PC and Console games like never before!

If you order now, your Cyborg should be ready for shipping in March - mid April 2022 depending on your place in the queue.

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Lifting towersButton towers can be tilted up so you don’t have to reach for any buttons, they are right at your fingertips.No matter if you like palm grip or claw grip when you are gaming, with possibility to tilt up the towers you can game the way you like it.
Tilting towersButton towers can be tilted sideways, so that they can be aligned perfectly with your fingers.
Thumbstick positionThumbstick module can be adjusted for the position you are most comfortable with.Thumbstick position can be lifted higher or lower or tilted in a slight angle. If you have chosen the module with 5-way switch, then know that also the switch position can be adjusted.
Top buttonsThe position of the top buttons can be adjusted to get minimum travel distance from your fingers to the skill you need RIGHT NOW!
Palmrest heightThe height of the palmrest can be adjusted (-5mm) by removing the elevation plate underneath it.
Thumbstick modulesChoose between two options for your thumb. They are:1) Clean looking thumbstick module with the widest adjustability movements;2) Thumbstick with a 5-way switch to get maximum count of available buttons for your shortcuts.
Programmable keysWe have redesigned the layout of the buttons for maximum reachability - to reduce the finger travel distance for competitive minded gamers and reduce stress for your arms during those long sessions.
Tower angleAdjust the distance between your fingers, so that you don’t have to look for the buttons, they are right where they should be.
Tower distanceAdjust how far you want each button tower to match your hand perfectly.
USB cableKeypad has 2m braided USB cable, that can be removed for easier transportation, storage, modding or easy fixing.
Palmrest typesYou can choose between 2 palmrest types - flat and curved.Curved is the most comfortable and will fix your hand in one position - your hand will always be in the same position.The flat palmrest is for those that love to move the hand in any position you wish or have “wide” hands.
What’s in the box
Azeron Cyborg
Azeron Screwdriver for adjustments
2 thumbstick replacement caps
Restrictor ring
Spare screws (including one for the little tower)
USB cable
Quick Guide
Additional palmrest(If ordered)
In ShortCan Azeron keypad get even better? Yes, it can! Introducing Cyborg – a next generation Azeron keypad that raises the bar in gaming with ULTIMATE adjustability and EXCEPTIONAL comfort. Does it have even more adjustability? Check! Does it have even more conveniently placed buttons? Check!After getting used to this beast, you’ll never look back. Crush anyone with simple finger flicks!