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The gaming keypad is for left handed use (mouse in the right hand), for right handed people. See Azeron Compact for Lefties, if you are buying for a left handed gamer.

Due to logistics limitations you can only buy one keypad per order. Feel free to place another order should you want to buy more.


  • 1 programmable analog thumbstick
  • 24 programmable buttons
  • 5 way directional switch
  • 2.0m USB cable
  • 3D Printed PLA plastic body
  • Steel plate base
  • Software adjustable thumbstick angle
  • Plug and play input device, works with all games
  • Software to customize key setup
  • Xbox 360 Joystick, keyboard or hybrid mode
  • On-board memory for two profiles
  • Infinite software profiles
  • Basic macro support
  • Software adjustable thumbstick deadzone and sensitivity
  • Thumbstick can be set up as an analog stick or as keyboard buttons
  • Switch between two thumbstick setups on the fly
  • Adjustable button tower for each finger

This is a fully independent gaming device for PC. It makes a gamers life easier and provides additional comfort when playing games.

The keypad has 24 mechanical programmable keys, which can be easily reached without moving your hand, and an analog thumbstick for WASD movement.

The keypad works best with RPGs, MMORPGs, FPSs and MOBAs, but will work well with games in other genres as well, as it reduces the movement needed to trigger key presses.

It works as both a keyboard and a joystick, or a combination of both

This keypad has been referred to as Thanos Hand, Infinity Gauntlet, The Claw and [insert random hand-like legendary artifact name] in videos and comments all over the internet.

Hand Size

To pick the correct hand size option, please print this image on an A4 paper, and compare your hand to it. The medium option is most comfortable for 16cm - 19cm hands, while the large option is best for 19cm - 22cm hands. Smaller and bigger hands can use the keypad as well, but comfort may vary.


  • Curved: more organic feeling, but your hand is locked into a single position due to the curved shape;
  • Flat: can change the angle of your hand, but it doesn't have that organic shape.


We provide many color variants of the Azeron keypad, all the color variants (including multicolor) only impact buttons, thumbstick, cords, LEDs and the logo.


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Azeron Compact

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Note: only one keypad per order!

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