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azeron gaming keypadsUnrivalled ergonomics ensure excellent comfort and speed while playing your favorite RPG, MMORPG, FPS, MOBA PC and Console games.
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MerchLooking for some Azeron themed goodies besides our keypad? We got you covered! Check out the merch and increase your gaming comfort.
Service PartsWant to freshen up your keypad or get some service parts just in case your emotions playing games gets all over the place? You can get the parts here and fix the oopsies by yourself.
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Hardware Canucks
Hard hitting coverage of technology news and hardware reviews.The Azeron gaming keypad might be the craziest game controller around. Regardless if you play Fortnite, Valorant, Modern War...
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Cloud9 Chap
Professional Fortnite playerThis Controller is the FUTURE OF FORTNITE GAMING